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Can’t come to the forest? No problem! There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the dry forest with these fun activities.

Art in Nature Tutorials

Join Auntie Jackie in the forest as she shows you how to make some wiliwili cool crafts inspired by nature!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt Printable

Use your senses to find these items in your backyard! Or print out the blank copy and fill out your own scavenger hunt to do with your family and friends.

Live Keiki Sessions Via Zoom

Flower Lab: 1:00pm-1:30pm Feb. 12th

Have you ever wondered why plants create flowers? Why are there so many different types of flowers? Join us for a live Zoom session where we’ll dissect a flower to get a closer look at what’s inside. (Hint: It’s wiliwili cool!) Be sure to bring your own flower so you can follow along.

Zoom Link

Fruit Lab: 1:00pm-1:30pm Feb. 13th

What makes a fruit a fruit? Why do plants spend so much energy creating fruits? Why are some fruits so big while others are so small? Are all fruits edible? Let’s explore the fascinating (and sometimes delicious) world of fruits together! Optional: Bring a fruit to follow along.

Zoom Link

Name that Plant Instagram Challenge

Test your dry forest plant knowledge! We’ll be sharing some photos of our favorite dry forest plants on Instagram during the Festival. Do you have what it takes to accurately identify them? Keep in mind, these photos will be intentionally challenging, GOOD LUCK! Post your answers in the comments below and be sure to tag another plant nerd! Those who can correctly identify all photos will be entered to win some wiliwili rad merch! One winner will be selected each day and announced at 4pm. HINT: Our website is a good resource!


Wiliwili Flower Craft Session

Come and create your own pua wiliwili with Malia and Pua Heimuli as they show you how to put together these blooms and talk about its significance within Hawaiʻi’s dry forests!


Wiliwili Coloring Sheet Printable

Did you learn something cool about wiliwili trees yet? Commemorate the festival by hanging your coloring masterpiece up in your home.

Wiliwill Coloring Page

Check out the rest of our Virtual Festival agenda here.

In the Forest

WDFI Keiki Scavenger Hunt

Hike our trails & learn along the way! Keiki can participate in our wiliwili festival scavenger hunt for a chance to score some wiliwili great WDFI merch! Pick up a scavenger hunt sheet & trail map from a forest docent at the front of the preserve & head out on the trails to answer questions about the dry forest. Finish at Hana Hou Hale to check your answers and be entered into our prize raffle. The winner will be announced at 3pm on Feb. 13th.

Wiliwil Great Photo Contest (Instagram)

Can you capture a wiliwili great photo in the dry forest? This is your chance to get your creative juices flowing and show us what you got!  Share your best photo from the forest on Instagram using the hashtag #WiliwiliGreatPhoto. Make sure to tag us @WaikoloaDryForest. The winner will score some awesome WDFI Merch! Photo submissions will be shared on our Instagram story during the festival. If your instagram account is private, we will not be able to see your photo. You can submit your photo to us by private messaging our @WaikoloaDryForest account. All photos must be taken in the Waikōloa Dry Forest during the Festival on Feb. 12th or 13th. The winner will be announced at 4:00pm on Feb. 13th. Only one photo submission allowed per person.

Wiliwili Festival Coloring Contest

Our Wiliwili Festival Coloring Contest is under way! If you haven’t entered yet, you can print our coloring sheet out here. Be sure to head over to KTA in Waikoloa by Feb. 11th to submit your entry! Submissions will be judged based on creativity, color choices & medium. One winner from the following categories will win some wiliwili cool Waikōloa Dry Forest merchandise. Winners will be announced during the Virtual Wiliwili Festival on Sat. Feb. 13th at 1:00pm. Coloring contest submissions will be displayed in the forest during the festival!

Native Plant Give-Away

Add a native dryland species to your home. We will be giving away plants that have been lovingly cared for in our nursery. This a rare opportunity to take a little bit of the dry forest home with you. The give-away will continue as long as we have plants to offer.

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