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Field Trips

What is a dry forest? Why are dry forests important? What role do we play in the future of dry forests?

The Waikōloa Dry Forest Preserve is a living classroom where you can discover the answers to these questions and more! We welcome students to experience the magic of the wiliwili forest through our place-based programs and field trips. We offer two types of field trips for students and groups which you can request online or by contacting us directly through email.

Field Trip 1: Explore the Forest

Come explore one of the rarest forest types in the world! Trek over the rugged terrain of the ‘a’a flow, marvel at our ancient wiliwili trees and get up close and personal to the rare and unique species that call this dry landscape home.  Immerse your students in nature with our Explore the Forest learning adventure.

Field Trip 2: Restore the Forest

Restoring our dry forest is not possible without the help from our community. We offer service learning opportunities for groups who are looking to leave a lasting impact on the forest. Come build a trail, remove invasive species or plant some trees! Every bit helps us achieve our goal of a self-sustainable dry forest ecosystem.

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